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We are open!

Tuesday-Sunday 7am-3pm

...And we hope to remain open. In order to do that we are making a few changes to how we do things around here. 

Like you, we do not want to get covid. We want to keep you safe and we want to keep our staff safe. We are all connected, so please help us by paying attention to the following changes.

MASKS (Or face coverings) will be required at all times. We are located in a mask required area as zoned out by the city of Salem. If you are standing in line, ordering, or waiting for your order in a pick-up spot we ask that you please keep both your mouth and nose covered. Respect our staff and those around you! We appreciate your compliance/understanding.

CLEANLINESS, as always, is a top priority. Added to our usual cleaning processes, we are minimizing high contact surfaces and frequently sanitizing those we can't avoid (ie. door handles, register, counter top) In order to help we ask that you please avoid putting bags or personal items on top of surfaces; minimize the amount of people in your group that come in to order; and use the sanitizer provided when entering and exiting.

RESTROOMS will not be available. Brew Box has been a to-go establishment, even before covid and has not had restrooms for public use. Public restrooms are limited in town so please plan your trip accordingly and plan ahead!

How to Order:

IN PERSON ordering is available with access to the inside extremely limited. We have moved our register to our door, allowing one ordering group at a time. You can find our menus, baked goods, and available retail on display in our front windows.

CALL IN orders are accepted. We only have one phone line, so if does not go through your first time, please try again in a few minutes. Please have your order ready when you call. Payment at pickup is preferred, but we can take cards over the phone if requested.

ONLINE ORDERING is currently only available through Uber eats pick up. Order and pay ahead and if you choose the pick-up option it is no additional cost to you (or us!) and will be ready for you to pick up shortly after the order is placed.

DELIVERY is also available through Uber eats.

PAYMENT PROCESSING can be done in person, over the phone, or online through Uber. We prefer in person payments and accept cash, card, and tap. 

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