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Whatever coffee experience you're searching for- We have it here

We have it.

Whatever coffee experience you're looking for...

Ordering your coffee shouldn't be scary

The scariest thing about ordering coffee at Brew Box, will be the fact that you're in the Halloween capital of the world, not the intimidation and stigma that can often surround the specialty coffee world.  

October is fast approaching! Get ready b

Your Coffee


Coffee is an experience and here at Brew Box we want it to be an enjoyable one. No matter your  level of knowledge, we are here to help, educate, and serve up the best coffee, and café  experience, around. We strive to have a menu that is geared toward both the coffee purist and the  coffee adventurist. That is why our menu offers up everything from a solid cup of filtered coffee, to  our (self-described) fun and famous cereal milk latte!


 Whether you are stopping in as part of your morning routine, or coming in to try something new, we   will customize the coffee experience to each individual. We encourage our community and guests  to engage with our baristas and staff. If there's a drink you have never heard of or a flavor  combination  that intrigues you, feel  free to ask us about it.  Whether you're a coffee enthusiast of many years or a novice just starting your coffee journey, we know you'll find something to enjoy!

Did you know we make our own coldbrew_!
Single Origin Chemex
We're baaack!!! ☕️😍Thanks to everyone f

Brewing with


Tandem Coffee


Coffee is ever-evolving. As we enter what is known as the Third Wave of coffee we get to taste and experience the intricacies and nuances of the coffee bean more than ever before. Because of this, we chose Tandem Coffee Roasters from Portland, Maine as our coffee provider. Specializing in light roasts, Tandem uses their small batch roastery to produce nothing short of perfection. They rotate their beans with the harvest season, allowing us to provide a wide variety of delicious single origin coffees to our customers throughout the year. Not only does Tandem's attention to detail and passion for quality make them stand out, but their pride and care for their communities made choosing them a no brainer.

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Besides sourcing beans that are roasted with skill and love, we also take care to brew each and every cup with the same level of attention. We educate ourselves on new brew methods, devices, and practices. You can find our cold brew made on site, our espresso dialed in throughout the day, and our drip coffees brewed fresh all day. We take the time to respect the craft and the foundation of knowledge, while pushing the boundaries of what a persons coffee experience can be. Above all else, our intent with every cup is that every coffee drinker, no matter their preference or level of expertise, will take a sip and say,


"that's the best cup of coffee I've had."

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Inspired by Thai iced coffee we brewed u
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October in Salem rules and so does this
Our chili maple latte will give you all
It’s Friday the 13th. We have a special
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